Custom Fit Your Communications

Add real-time voice, video, messaging, and more into your VoIP, web, and mobile services. No CapEx. No contracts. Pay as you grow. 100% freedom to build what you want.


Handle inbound or outbound calling seamlessly with Apidaze’s Voice APIs. There is no need for complex phone systems, or commitments with large carriers. Apidaze gives you access to phone numbers in more than 8,000 cities in 60 different countries.

Powerful SMS Features

With 6,000,000,000 SMS being sent each day in the US, SMS has quickly become an important communication medium to keep in touch with your customers.

Send texts to customers notifying them of updates to orders with integration into an order system.

Register any US landline number (even if it is from a different provider) to receive SMS

Help prevent missed appointments with text reminders

Set up your own Two Factor Authentication product.

Keep in touch with your customer base with texts about new promotions or products

Powerful SMS Messaging Illustration

SIP/Rest​ ​API

The REST API exposes actions that help your apps to interact with our telco platform in multiple ways. It’s easy to create SIP accounts, voicemail boxes, automate calls, send SMS and much more. You can also route your SIP voice and video calls or messages to any landline phone, mobile phone, browser, mobile app, or any other SIP endpoint.
Local Numbers

Choose numbers among 80 countries/8,000 cities and receive calls immediately.

Call Center

Choose numbers among 80 countries/8,000 cities and receive calls immediately.

SIP Trunking

Create and easily manage SIP Trunks and accounts. Build your own UC system – Ideal for telecom services. 


Automate the ordering and configuration of phone numbers.


Develop browser to browser communications, create a WebRTC client for your communication system and innovate with disruptive services. Placing or receiving calls, building video-conferencing apps or group chat applications is now easy. It will work on WebRTC enabled browsers and smartphones.

Create audio and video conferencing services using WebRTC

Place and recieve calls directly in the browser

Create a 100% cloud based call center in your browser as a terminal. No hardware required.

Customize a click to call widget for your website. Send web traffic leads to your sales and customer service departments.

WebRTC Graphic

Ready to custom fit your communications?

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